Mad Max

Review by Travis Miller

Mad Max was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1990. The game isn't tied to a single Mad Max movie, and it feels like a fusion of all three movies. The game begins with an abbreviated quote from The Road Warrior, and the transitional pictures in the game resemble characters from The Road Warrior and Beyond Thunderdome.

The game features two types of levels, “Road Wars” and “Arenas.” In the Road Wars, your goal is to find the entrance to the arena. Before you can enter the arena, you must find enough food and water to buy an Arena Pass. If you run out of fuel or wreck before you enter the arena, then you are forced to restart the level from the beginning.

The road wars aim to be “open world” levels. You are free to drive where ever you like, but there are, at most, two routes that you can take to complete each level. Of course, you don't know the wining route the first time you play the game. I could only win by tediously drawing a map of each level. I actually like drawing maps of game worlds, but completing a map of a Mad Max level is a long and repetitive process since you constantly run out of fuel.

Like the Road Wars, the Arenas are nothing more than a maze. You do have to destroy enemy cars before you can leave the maze, but most of the enemies kill themselves. If you ignore the enemies and immediately drive to the exit, most of the enemies will have killed themselves by the time you reach the exit.

The games orthogonal paths and poor combat makes it little more than a collection of digital mazes. Essentially, playing Mad Max is like driving a bumper car through a hedge maze. For a more complete review, watch my video review.

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