John Romero's Daikatana

Review by Tom Hall

There isn't much you can say about Daikatana that hasn't already been said about performing your own root canal. It is painful to play. It is cheesy and laughable and it does almost nothing right. It looks terrible, plays terrible, has a wretched story full of plot holes, and is overall an uninspired piece of crap. If you were ever trying to get information out of someone, force them to play this game until they tell you everything you want to know. It should come at some point in the 10 minute opening cutscene. If someone gives you this game as a gift, they are not your friend. Immediately sever contact with them. If you find a copy laying on the ground, cross the street in a calm and orderly manner but with purpose. You'll want to get away from this thing as soon as you can. If you are unfortunate enough to actually have skin contact with a copy, immediately consult a physician for amputation of any affected body parts.

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