Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Review by Jonathan Hallée (BigJoe91)

“But I don’t like fresh sushis!”

“Ok, we’ll put some store brand ketchup over it.”



And that’s how the concept of Final Fantasy Mystic Quest saw life. 


Maybe not, but it's clear that Mystic Quest is a boiled down version of a Final Fantasy game with all the customization taken out. When I was 9 and saw this game, I thought it was actually Final Fantasy I. Pretty stupid, I know. But it also means, even at that age, I understood that it was inferior to Final Fantasy II (IV). I couldn't even guess that it was released afterwards.


In any case, read the full review for a complete plot description worthy of Wikipedia!


Happy Review a Bad Game Day! Enjoy your hate/hate/2013!


Jonathan Hallée a.k.a BigJoe91

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