Big BumpZ

Review by Al

Big BumpZ is an indie wrestling game.

A wrestling game is  a (usually) console video game that lets you play as a pro wrestler in an existing wrestling federation.  You can create your own wrestler or use an exisitng one. So, all in all, a wrestling game basicaly lets you write a fanfic: you can make your favorite wrestler an all-time champion or you can kick your least favorite wrestler into the next week or you can recreate an existing match or you can make a match between your favorite wrestlers who never met in real life.

Well, it's not that game.

This game is very different from the standard formula described above. It's a game for PC that doesn't feature actually existing wrestlers and moreover it doesn't include wrestling per se. In this game your character (that, to be honest, can actually resemble some existing wrestlers) climbs to some fences and buildings and performs high-flying wrestling maneuvers on some boxes, tables and the like. So, you pick your character's looks, select some diving moves for him to perform, get to the first level, climb to the fence and dive into some boxes. 

And this is where the game stops being fun. 

You see, in order to perform a maneuver you press a key and then rotate your wrestler suing arrow keys. If you over- or under- rotate you fail the move and lose a big chunk of health bar (you lose hitpoints even with successful jumps but failed moves do way more damage to you) which admittedly makes sense. The sad part is that there's little room for error so even if you miss a correct angle by five degrees you figuratively crash and burn. The more sad part is that the proper position for a selected move is nowhere to be seen so it's pure trial and error. The saddest part is that if you fail (or botch, as wrestling fans say) too many moves you lose a game. So you'll have to restart a level... or start the whole game from the start. You see, if you fail too much the doctor'll say that your wrestler did too much damage to himself and has to retire so its game over and time to start with a new character. So, in this game you have no clue what to do but the game punishes you for every little misstep.

So while Big BumpZ is a unique wrestling game its gameplay is too frustrating (your wrestler might as well use a protractor and some fancy calculating programs to find a correct angle of ratation). Well, at least you can download this game from its developers site for free which I actually recommend (in order to find out whether YOU, not me, will like this game)

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