Duke it out in D.C.

Review by Jason Lamb

Duke Nukem is...was, a defining part of the first person shooter genre. He was rude, crude, and satirized the action heroes Hollywood gave us through the 80's and 90's. The game was of course successful, so like any game company, 3D Realms wanted to cash in on this success. Unfortunately for them though, they were already developing the game Blood, so they didn't have time to produce expansion packs themselves (remember those?). But hey, Sunstorm Interactive could make some Duke expansions, right? After all, they just had success with their Deer Hunter game. Shooting stuff is shooting stuff, right?

Sadly, one should not approach a company known for hunting games to make a first person shooter that features actual level design. There is a huge difference between wandering through a forest looking for deer, and wandering through Washington D.C. looking for Pig Cops. While later Duke Expansions would feature reskinned enemies and weapons, Duke it out in D.C. was just simply...more Duke. But it was a Duke stuck in bland, confusing levels, where one simply spent more time looking for where to go then fighting enemies.

It definitely gave us more of the Duke we wanted, just not where we wanted.

Oh well.


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