Zoey 101

Review by Ocassional Gamer


Well from what i can take from this game is that the story is that it's a new semester at Pacific Coast Academy and you are Zoey your room mate Lola is there but you other roommate is not. so you accept the Quinn as your roommate as Coco the Dorm Adviser asked you to. Now its time to get the school year started.


What you can expect from this is a collection of Mini-Games. you get to pick from games at the faculties request, girls request and of course the boys request. You get to pick from games such as basketball, disc golf and prank week. The issue i have with this is that everyone suggest the same 3 games just a little bit harder than the previous person that suggested it. Basketball is a game of basketball with Logan. there is really no indicator of how hard you are going to shoot the ball and the aiming icon changes on the power indicator each time so its almost impossible to make a shot. Well that is for me you may be able to do it and if you are... you have too much time on your hands.You can move left and right also with the NPC as a jumping lunatic trying to block your shot and he will be successful at this if he is even considered close to you. Prank week is another terrible invention of a mini-game. In this game you will need to make it from point A to Point B, but the catch is that you have to avoid the pranks that the boys are trying to pull on you. This means running down a hallway dodging water balloons, garbage bins,  plants and flying toilet paper. This could be a game that was not annoying at all but has one major problem.Whenever one of these things startles you it immobilizes you for a few seconds. This would not be bad if you were trying to make the best time and not being timed to do this. Disc Golf is so easy it didn't have a chance to really annoy me. So i guest that's a good thing.


I know it is a GBA but the graphics appear to be an americanization of the anime art style. This wouldn't be so bad had the sprites even appeared to look somewhat like there real life counter parts. I mean without reading the story at the beginning you wouldn't know who anyone is. Honestly i watched the show when it was out (don't judge me) and i didn't/couldn't recognize these people without the text based conversation before each game.


Just Turn it off. There is a constant headache educing crackling in the background of every track in this game I wasn't sure if its the unit i played it on or the game so i emulated it and low and behold it was the same crackling.


I am not an authority on gaming i do know what games i like and the mechanics that allow them to work successfully, and some of the things in this one make not as enjoyable as other games. So in conclusion it is not a fun game. I do not Find Joy in this collection of mini-games, and i would say avoid it .which should be reasonably easy at this point in time. Thanks for reading my review i do appreciate any comments negative, positive or even constructively criticizing my work.Without it i wouldn't be able to grow as a writer.

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