Rising Zan the samurai Gunman

Review by Lenford Wickham

"Samurai Cowboy" that pretty much sums up the plot of this game. I know this is from the early age of the ps1 but this game was bad even then. It came out a little after resident evil 2 but you wouldn't know that from the lack luster graphics.

The story

The plot is about a cowboy who leaves his town in order to learn the ways of a samurai and when he returns has to save hsi town from an invading empire. Now for a game that seems to want us to believe they like eastern culutre they sure don't know how to show it since every one of the "japanese" characters speaks through a series of non-intellible grunts. And as the main character "Johnny" goes through saving the towns people even they find his new born self "Super Ultra Sexy Hero" to be a walking joke and I mean hey he kind of is.

The Gameplay

You fight wolden stickmen, yep wolden stickmen, I mean there are other eneimes but the main things you will be throwing down with wouldn't stand to well in a fight with a match. The button layout is terrible but I will blame that more so on the time of its realease but as for the lock on and how you attack I blame that solely on the developers. 

Is it Good

No but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try it. The game is funny in a super quirky way but if you aren't in to playing badly aged games with graphics that look like something that feel off the back of a garbage truck. 

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