Hotline Miami

Review by Pierre Goguen (Atsinganoi)

Have you ever played a Flash game that seemed great based on the description, but ended up being a total let-down? A GTA-like retro-styled game chock full of gore is only missing the words "action platformer with RPG elements" to be an exact description of the world's most perfect game. Minus my additions, that is a fair description of Hotline Miami, yet it omits several key elements that make the game terrible, such as:

The only redeeming quality the game has is its music. In contrast to the rest of the garbage featured in the game, it would be easy to say the soundtrack is great, but imagine it in a decent game and it becomes obvious that it's mediocre at best.

Overall, the game gave me the impression that it was nothing more than one of those stickman games with a "fancy" coat of paint, a dump plot, and decent music. The only real difference is that you have to pay money to play Hotline Miami, while you could go to any number of websites and play a bunch of games with similar gameplay, more variety in level design, and 100% free. Do yourself a favour and don't waste your money on this Hotline Miami "game".

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