Killer Instinct (GB)/ Super Thunder Blade

Review by g1nobleteam1

Bad game review #1 starts off with Killer Instinct on the Gameboy.

My history with this game.

Yeah Killer Instinct was a great game on the Snes as I would say that is one of my favorite games on that system, but trying to fit the port of a port into a 8-bit handheld just seems like a bad idea when you think about it. Now I wasn’t aware of this version of Killer Instinct till I saw it at a Flea Market for sale, and  well based on how much fun I had playing the Snes version made it seem that 5 bucks for this Gameboy version wasn’t that bad of a deal.

1. Two buttons and a D-pad = button mashing galore.

Yeah most fighting games tend to work as low, med, and high punches and kicks have their own button for that input, a Gameboy only has two buttons to begin with. Now what that means is well trying to do any move more complex than a punch or a kick will likely not work out, unless you smash those buttons in hope that something will happen. So yeah this game pretty much takes out the skill factor out of the equation, but things get worse due in part to the broken AI in this game.

2. Broken AI

This games AI tend to have only one of two settings with the first is a complete pushover, and the other setting tends to be cheap mode in which the AI seems to be way to challenging. Now if you want to be complete cheap against the AI yourself well you can as it seems to have one major weakness: Low kicks as the AI in this game seems to just complete freeze whenever you start doing lowkicks.

3. It’s rather ugly                          

I will give this port some credit for trying to have the sprites of it’s Snes brethren on the small screen, but they just don’t look good at all, in part due to how undetailed they look. The same applies to the backgrounds as they suffer from trying to look like identical to their Snes counterpart, but just look so undetailed it just comes off as bad. Now you can actually take these two problems and make them even worse with the benefit of the Super Gameboy or Gameboy Player which just makes these undetailed and ugly visuals way worse.

Is there anything good about this game?

The music?

Yeah Killer Instinct has some pretty sweet music as it’s music just kicks ass, though on the Gameboy the music is either kind of good or rather bad. Yeah while Galaicus theme sounds good on the brickboy the same can’t be said for most other tunes in this game, as they sound way to harsh when it comes to use of bleeps (Yeah describing music isn’t one of my strong suits) which comes off more as annoying to me than catchy.

My Final Thoughts on this game.

Yeah I wanted to like KI on the Gameboy, but due to it’s limitations and growing up with the Snes version I just can’t see myself having fun with a inferior take on such a good fighting game. So I will give this game credit for trying to cram in the Snes experience in a tiny Gameboy cartridge, even though it’s still rather bad regardless.

My Review Score

I give this a game a shrug out of a handshake, as I wanted to like this experience, though in the end I just better shrug this off for something better.


Time for bad review #2 with Super Thunder Blade.

My History with this game.

Yeah I bought the Sonic Ultimate Genesis Collection, just so I could replay the Genesis era games of the Blue Blur and Streets of Rage, though I did end up playing all the games on this collection at least once, and that’s how I ended up playing Super Thunder Blade for the first time. After a couple of sessions with Super Thunder Blade I absolutely hated this game as it’s just bad to me and well it’s time for me to tell you why.

How bad is it?

1. Bad Visuals.

One thing you’ll noticed about this game is how bad the some of the visuals are like how the clouds don’t really move, but more like how the screen just moves them instead or the use of repeating building textures in the first level. Now it doesn’t help out that this game is also rather choppy when it comes to performance as the game seems to chug very slowly at both the third person and shump parts of it, so yeah looks bad and can’t even keep up with it’s lackluster visuals.

2. Bad music/sound effects

Yeah many Genesis games seem to have just a odd sound to them, but this game sounds pretty bad by those standards. Now somehow when you get hit it sounds like a fart, yeah that the only way I seem to describe that effect and when you fire your main weapon it sounds again like a fart (or either I’m awful at describing audio elements in a game). Outside of that the music in this game is rather repetitive and just not that catchy, so when it comes to audio there isn’t much great to me here.

3. It’s either boring or annoying.          

Super Thunder Blade starts off rather dull with the bland visuals, and easy first level just includes you moving in a circle while you easily avoid enemy fire till you reach the midboss and do the same, in which repeat till you finish the level. Now in level 2 two well things get way harder as you not only be dodging enemy fire, but with rocks that seem to pop in at the last second and well you can say that the second level is a complete pain, though the third level goes back to being easy with the last level being a pain again. Regardless of the extremes when it comes to difficultly this game is just no fun to play due to that, and when a game isn’t any fun to me well that when I start considering a game to be bad.

Is there anything good about this game?

Not to me as I only played this game on Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection, so I could’ve played Space Harrier. 

My final thoughts on this game.

Yeah Super Thunder Blade isn’t all that super and if it was necessary to play this game to unlock Space Harrier, well it would have just been a one-time experience of frustration. In the end I will give this game some credit for being a launch title to the Genesis, but Golden Axe, Thunder Force, and even Space Harrier 2 just blow Super EHH Blade out of the water to me.

My Review Score

I give this game a shoot down the CHOPPA OUT OF GET IN DA CHOPPA. PS yeah sorry about the crappy pun.


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