Mega Man II

Review by Victor Max Vellon

As far as the Mega Man games go for the Gameboy, I can really only recommend them to the hardcore Mega Man fan. For the most part, each of the games are just dumbed down versions of the NES counterparts. Admittedly though, it is Mega Man to go and that is where it got me instantly. Mega Man: Dr. Wily’s Revenge was great. Sure, the game isn’t as fast paced due to the limitations of the Gameboy, but the music was there, the stages were challenging and towards the end, you fought a unique “Mega Man Killer” boss named Enker. He would not be seen again, along with the two other “Mega Man Killers” until challenge stages in Mega Man 10. The other two are Punk and Gallade; in MMIII and MMIV respectively. This actually leads into another problem I have with Mega Man II. Let’s stop getting sidetracked and get to the point here.You can see the full review/video by going here:


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