Medal Of Honor: Warfighter

Review by Edward Varnell

I wasted $20 on a modern game.  With all the previews, pictures, and ads about this game, I couldn’t believe how cheap it was.  I mean, it came out for 59.99 but after 2 months after it’s release, Medal Of Honor: Warfighter dropped down to the price I brought it.  It was a bargain alright.  So much of a bargain, if it was thrown in a bin, the basket might melt.  With all its development and programming that went into, developer Danger Close should have made Contra and not “let’s jump everywhere with boring gameplay and no purpose of a story” material.  

Following the lines of Battlefield 3, it once again does a to much prettiness will ruin your fun.  The shadows and lighting and smoke may imitate how it feels to be in a shootout but  not when you have guns that can’t take nobody down after half your clip is gone.  Even with AI teammates helping you, you still going through bullets for one person.  Lining up shots, specially on the PS3, with a sniper gun is mere impossible.  In the second level of the game when you have to shoot some enemies on top of a roof, you’ll line a shot, hold the left analog, do the twist, call Pizza Hut to order taco’s, and pray to a FAQ that the shot your about to shoot, actually hit the target.  Oh Danger Close, what happen?

I went over this section about 10 times in 2 days and I LINED UP ALL MY SHOTS and nothing happen.  I even did (or attempt) head shots and nothing work.  For unknown reasons, I went under them almost 3 feet off.  I eventually beat the section but in other FPS, SNIPER GUNS HIT THE TARGET WHEN AIMED AT THE ENEMY.  I experience this crap with Battlefield 3, so why would they include it in this vomit?

Oh and the character design for the main character, Preacher, was great and his partner Mother, looked great in the cut scene but it seems the developers can only create men cause the women and preachers child look horrendous.  Who called the Wicked Witch from the Looney Tunes cartoon to be in this game? Her character model and hair looked like a Beatle juice in drag.  Her hair didn’t move and the child looked like Gizmo when the factory who made Chucky dolls applied rubber foundation on her.  I mean, how can they put that much effort into the soldiers and then make the women look like the fell out of a 3DO game?

Before I get to the terrible story this game pretends to portray, they include other game methods in this.  For one, if you haven’t played Need For Speed and learn that game’s physic, good luck enjoying driving through streets and cities, swerving right to left and crashing buildings, cars, trees, Ron Jeremy, A dollar store, train tracks, sand, fences, and maybe a parking space because this section felt impossible.  If the car your chasing is ahead 3 to 6 seconds in front of you, time to do that section, if you past a checkpoint, all over.  You’ll spent a lot of time replaying a section THAT SHOULDN’T BE IN A FIRST PERSON SHOOTER WITH CONTROLS FROM ANOTHER GAME THAT ONLY DEALS WITH CARS!  There’s two sections and one of them have you hiding in spots from other cars.  You can’t take them down Burnout style and it’s hard seeing something’s when your focus is to catch the pokemon, I mean, enemy.  

The other one is moving a drone which is cool and actually work but the breaching a door, where you have to kick it in, throw a grenade, and slowly shoot enemies, you can’t see, gets repetitive and boring.  Ran out of bullets through this section, you’ll slowly reload the gun and when it goes normal, your getting shot while in the reloading animation.  In fact, anytime you reload, it takes ages to do.  At least Call Of Duty does it quick. This game does it like you have to change a diaper. It’s abysmal.

Last but not least, the story.  Warfighter follows the reboot after, wait a second, it introduces some a new character that goes by the name Preacher and starts eight weeks BEFORE the Medal Of Honor ending starts.  So almost 4-5 levels in the game, your given a lead up to that moment instead of taking off from the place it should have.  Preacher suppose to go meet his wife and child at a train station and the train they miss blows up which puts preacher in the hospital for two weeks.  This is how the story and level format goes.  Flashbacks and discussion move the level but not the story.  In fact, if you want a story then go play a RPG or scan it in Metroid Prime because this one is forgettable.

Without giving away the ending, this game is just poor.  The Medal Of Honor reboot was excellent.  It had some problems (the tank levels) but it had a great story and characters you’ll love.  This game forgot all about that and ask some real soldiers to participate so they can create levels that were “inspired” from them.  If they call those levels inspired, than Danger Close must have been on a acid trip with Chris Brown and design levels in Doom 3 with lamps and coloring books.

I really had a hard time playing this game.  It not only bored me but it felt like a imitation.  It had no soul.  It tried to play it safe and failed.  It focus more on Frostbite 2 and what it can do then actually design a video game. It implemented unnecessary gameplay and made it worst.  It has a diaper change reload for the gun.  Sniper sections take long and don’t work most of the time and the women in the game look like overweight gypsies’ with no plan to workout but get more polygon injections.  No offense to anyone who is a gypsy but when you see the women, you thought they would learn by watching Aladdin and not a B Movie version of Sound Of Music featuring blow up dolls with Bioshock makeup.

To you Danger Close, who close their doors, you went out with a fight.  You lost completely with this war and for that, I don’t present any Medal or Honor.  You get to sleep with the CD-I.

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