Review a Bad Game Day

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Welcome to our annual celebration of the worst

We all have video games that we hate. Old or new, console or PC, arcade or portable, universally despised or generally beloved -- there are inevitably some games we have wasted our time on, games that have driven us into a rage, and games that have made us lose faith in humanity. It's payback time.

Review A Bad Game Day is an annual event organized by that began in 2012 as a way for the gaming community to come together for a common purpose; in this case, trashing video games they hate.

Emphasizing fun over fighting, RABGD is all about the idea that, at least once a year, we can all be Angry Video Game Nerds. Held on August 8th, reviewers pick their games and form reviews weeks in advance, submitting them on the official site before they are all gloriously unveiled on the big day. Whether everyone agrees on a game being "bad" is not the point: The purpose is to give absolutely anyone a chance to express their opinion, and a platform for their therapeutic venting.

In a twisted way, this is a celebration of rage; but it is that unique-to-gaming sort of rage, that helps us form our tastes in gaming, and lets us figure out greatness by deciding on what is awful.

However, if it is that greatness that you would rather celebrate, feel free to join us on April 8th when we celebrate Review A Great Game Day too!

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